Improving your game is our passion

Our vision at Skillest is to create a platform that gives all students of the world access to the best coaches on earth.

Baden Schaff, a leading PGA teaching professional was frustrated with the restrictive nature of his business. He could only teach students who lived nearby and was limited to working within his scheduled coaching hours. Meanwhile Alan Gao, an amateur golfer with a knack for coding was frustrated because he wanted to compare different golf teachers to see which one provided the best lessons for him. So, Baden and Alan did what any great entrepreneurs do, they joined forces to build a tool that they wanted to use. Baden wanted a great analytical tool to use during his lessons at the golf range, a tool that helped students get more out of each lesson and instructions they could take home with them. Alan wanted a tool that let him send videos of his golf swing to coaches and get an online analysis. So together in 2017 they built Skillest. Skillest is great for coaches and students. Skillest for Coaches Skillest provides a platform to find students from all around the world and take your business global. With a large and growing marketplace of students, your content and lessons can help you earn money when you’re not working at the range. Skillest for Students Skillest is a great tool to discover new coaches from around the world and use their expertise to improve your golf. With video feeds, tips and access to one-on-one lessons and 24 x 7 swing support Skillest is the tool that will help you improve your game. Skillest is based in Melbourne, Australia.


Baden Schaff


Baden is Skillest’s CEO. Baden is a leading PGA Professional. He has taught all levels of golf from professional to beginner. His expertise has taken him all over the world from Australia to Europe and South- East Asia. Baden has worked closely with the best instructors and has forged a reputation as one of Australia’s best young golf teachers.

Alan Gao


Alan is Skillest’s CTO. Alan graduated from University of Melbourne in 2012 with a Master of Software Engineering degree. During his time at Melbourne Uni, Alan was fortunate to study at Carnegie Mellon for a semester. Carnegie Mellon University is one of the most renowned educational institutions and has a long history with some of the biggest advancements in computer science and technology. Alan also brings startup experience to the Skillest team, founding the successful project.

Board & Advisors

Danny Gorog

Director & Advisor

Danny is co-founder of Outware Mobile, Australia’s largest mobile application design and development business, now wholly owned by Melbourne IT (ASX:MLB). Danny is also a Director and Board member of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne University Publishing and a Trustee of the Telematics Trust. Danny provides support around strategy, brand positioning and product management.

Eddie Peng

Technical Advisor

Eddie is a Software Engineer at one of the top biotech companies in the world. He provides supports on app design and development, CI/CD implementation, and AWS integration. He holds a BS in biology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and a MBA from the Westcliff University